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Salvage and Recycling Success Story

The following is an email from a young woman who purchased the eBook in October. I include it here hoping that it will inspire those of you who have purchsed the eBook but can't quite get going yet and also to encourage those that have not yet purchased the eBook to do so and get out there and begin making some money. My responses to LM are in italics.

On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 10:29 AM, LM wrote:

HI again, I’ve been working on a few things and had a progress report and some more questions, if you don’t mind. ;)

Glad to hear from you! I'm amazed that very few people actually correspond with me at all after buying the ebook. It's good to hear from someone who has actually gotten something out of it.

I got a truck. It’s a Dakota. It was listed for $1200 but had been sitting. I got it for $700 because I noticed it was leaking gas and I knew it need lots of work. I put $700 worth of repairs and it runs like a top. And when I’m looking to upgrade I know I could re-sell and make more because it only has 75,000 miles and I cleaned it up nice.

What a great deal!

I got my first load of electronics free from a computer place. 35 each monitors and cases. I scraped the cases and metal and got $150 right off. I have the motherboards and PCI cards set aside for a place I found that buys them. I’m waiting for a large enough amount to make it worth my while. I found a local place that will take monitors for free after I scrap out the copper. I just have to drop them off. I’m pretty excited. My dad is helping me out with the dismantling because I still work and can only do this on nights and weekends.

Amazing. You are really going for it.

I’ve been reading online forums and such to learn how to get the best out of the scrap I get. I’ve come up with a few questions maybe you could answer?


Everyone says they leave their business card. That’s cool and I can make one up without a problem. I’m stuck on the wording. I’m thinking my name and Salvage/Recycling and contact info. Do you think that would be enough? They can always contact me for more correct? Should I put more like ‘free pickup’ or something to get their attention?

I say almost exactly what you have. Just my name on one line and the Free PIckup of Salvage and Recyclables on the next. I'm careful to never do or say "hauling" because people tend to see haulers as something different and I don't want to be put in the category of hauling trash for pay.

Lots of people talk about putting up flyers. Do you find this works? Do you use several different flyers advertising different things?

I use simple flyers at grocery stores and other places in towns nearby. I keep it simple using the same text as on the card.

I recently found a post about asking the local auto repair and parts places if I could put a plastic drum there for them to dump their old wires and parts into for me to pickup rather than them putting the stuff in the dumpster. Have you done anything like that? I’m thinking you’d need to label the drum with your business name or whatever but it wouldn’t hurt to ask right?

That's a very good idea. I do keep in touch with several different businesses for their scrap - auto repair, auto supply, hardware, thrift, etc. Usually not enough around here to warrant dedicating a barrel, but sounds like it will work for you.

BTW I just scored dozens of used steel barrels from an auto repair place. Enough oil left in them to do changes for my cars and trucks for years to come. I'm using them for passive solar on side of my home and inside a greenhouse. This might be a free source of barrels for you to use for your clients. You would have to cut the tops off though.

I liked your post about the free wood. I live in an apt so that wouldn’t work for me but I know people who do burn so I’m going to look into that.

I really appreciate your information. I probably told you I am a website designer by trade. I’d be more than happy to make you a cool banner or header for your Blog for free to say thanks for your useful input. If you ever want to update it that is. J

I'd love that if you have the time.

A favor. This email is a real inspiration to me. It's great to find out I'm actually helping someone. Can I post this email on the blog? I'll just use your initials, not your name. Let me know because I think it would help inspire others to get going.

Well I’m off to meet with a client so I’ll talk with you again later.

Thanks so much!

You're doing great. Hope you do well enough to go at it full time soon. You're on your way.

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