Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2015 Updated and Revised Ebook How to Make Money in the Home Based Salvage and Recycling Business

Hello - I've just completed a revision and update of the ebook, How to Make Money in the Home Based Salvage and Recycling Business. If you've recently purchased the ebook, email me a note using the email address that you used to purchase the ebook, and I'll email you the updated 2015 version. Thanks and good luck.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Where to Sell Your Computer Boards, Chips, Memory

Hello - I've dealt with many e-scrap/e-waste buyers and refiners and I'd like to pass on what I've learned to you all. I'm on the West Coast and most of the buyers are in the Midwest or East. At first, I tried to find a West Coast facility that I could actually transport a load to myself. After two wasted trips of many hundreds of miles, I gave that up. In fact, one buyer in the Stockton area would not even bother to come to the loading dock to look at my material. Rather he sent out a forklift driver who said he would pay 50 cents a pound for my telcom boards. Amazing because days before I had sent photos of this same material to this company's national sales rep and he quoted me many times that much.

I also tried communicating with several Midwest buyers that I found on a well known forum. When I asked about yields of precious metals and so forth I was met with defensiveness and, in one case, downright hostility. Not good! finally I found the folks at cashforcomputerscrap.com. I was reluctant at first, but their prices were great and I didn't get any of the negative "vibes" that I'd gotten from others so I thought I'd give them a try.

My test shipment was approximately 15 pounds of CPUs and 8 pounds of ram chips. I entered the info into their website and they arranged for and prepaid the shipping - a very nice touch. I got more money than expected and I had a check within a week or so.

With this success I decided to send them the larger load of telcom boards that I mentioned above. This was around 700 pounds of material. I checked around first and got quotes on shipping a pallet of this stuff and found the cost would be anywhere between $600 and $900 and payment had to be made upfront. I checked with cashforcomputerscrap.com and they, as they did before, arranged shipping and prepaid it saving me a lot of upfront cash. turns out the deals they get on shipping was 1/3 of the quotes I got for same from the same company - quite a savings.

Bottom line is that I got nearly $7 a pound for material that others low-balled at 50 cents! I had a check for over $3,000 (material less shipping) within a week or so as before. Such a deal!

I've been in the scrap and recycling business for decades and have run into a lot of scammers and ripoff artists AND a lot of good folks as well. I hope that my experience helps guide you and that my recent "learning curve" will be of benefit to you. Note that this is NOT a paid endorsement. I get nothing out of the recommendation except for the fact of knowing that I've passed on what has worked best for me.


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