Thursday, November 10, 2011

$600 Worth of Saleable Items PLUS 80+ Quarts of New Motor Oil Free

Hi - I've been looking around for more 55 gallon steel oil drums. I use them to sort various metals and electronic scrap. I was looking this time for some that had recently had liquid in them and still had the tops and plugs because I had found a source for several hundred gallons of biodiesel and needed a good way to store it.

I checked Craigslist but there was no one near and the folks who had them in a (100 mile away) major metropolitan area wanted $20 each for them.

I called around to the local gas and oil companies and found one company that would give me two and another one who turned me on to a race car driver that would give me four.

Today I went to collect the two and the guy told me that he'd really like to hang onto them but he knew of another place in town, an auto shop, that had dozens of nearly new sealed drums. They bought oil for oil changes in bulk and the supplier would not take the empty drums back. I asked the fellow if he'd call ahead for me so that I was expected.

I drove a cross town (tiny town of 1500 folks) and found the shop. The owner showed me a large side yard with dozens of like new drums stacked on their sides so they wouldn't rust or get water inside.

I was able to load 8 in my Nissan pickup and another 8 on my little 4x8 trailer. Tomorrow I'll go back for more. Should be about 40 drums in all.

Unexpected bonus was that each one has 2 to 3 quarts of brand new oil in the bottom. Either 15w-50 or 5w-30 - Napa Premium brand. The pumps they use in the barrels don't quite reach the bottom. Fortunately, once they've pumped all they can they put the plug back in and store them on their side. That way none leaks out and no water gets in - Brand new motor oil for free!

Around here motor oil goes for anywhere from $4 to $6 per quart. I'm going to keep the oil. I figure at the low end, I've saved myself purchasing 80 quarts of oil for $320! Also, I'll sell off most of the drums for $10 to $20 - approximate total of $300 to $600. Not bad for 6 hours of work total and about $15 in gas.

BTW - I'll be sure to tell them to call me when they have more and I'll also check around town for more. The more I look at them, the more uses I can think of for them. When I pickup the last load tomorrow, I'll bring a couple of pizzas as a way of thanking the shop folks. I'll also go by the gas and oil place and bring them something as well or at least, ask them what I should keep my eye out for as I go about my salvage and recycling business.

There's always something new around every corner. Just gotta keep being out there and keep talking to folks and you'll find them. Some of the things may not be as glamorous as electronic recycling for gold, etc, but they pay as well.

Good Luck

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