Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heavy Storms, Extreme Weather and Aluminum Salvage and Recycling Opportunities for the Home Based Recycler

March 3, 2011

The other day I received the following email:

"Hi Mike, there were heavy storms through here this week and I am assuming that there is a lot of aluminum to be scrapped. Should I contact any individual, residential agent? Are some better than others? Are any buyers better than others? I also need to know, for the aluminum scrapping what tools do I need? What about transportation? I am assuming that my HHR is too small. True? Do I need a full-sized truck? Something smaller? I really need your help getting started."

My response:

Hi - I'm not sure what an HHR is, but a small truck and/or small trailer will work fine for hauling aluminum scrap - it's relatvely light compared to iron.

The aluminum sheet used on trailers and awnings is normally approximately 4' by 8 or 10'. It is often dirty, meaning that it has screws and caulking on the edges. To get the best price it must be cleaned. Simple hand tools do the job. I use battery powered drills with various attachments to remove screws and pliers and utility knives for the caulk, although you can sell it dirty but you'll get much less per pound...

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