Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home-Based Recycling and Salvage Business Manual to be Released

I bootstrapped my way into the salvage and recycling business in the early 1980s. I began with building deconstruction and scrap metals and then moved into electronics, computer and telecommunications scrap where I learned to recover gold and other precious metals.

Recycling and salvage is, in my opinion, the perfect home-based business. There is no better time to get into it than now. Compared to when I began in the business in the 1980s, inflation has about doubled - meaning it takes about $2 dollars now to purchase what you could for $1 in the 1980s (housing, cars and some other items have increased in price much more than 2X but on average this is true). Over this same period the prices that you can get for used material, equipment, precious, non-ferrous and ferrous metals has increased 4 to 10 times.

Also, over this same period of time more and more is imported. Many of these products are inferior and some have serious health and safety effects. This increases the value of used materials and equipment.

My Home-Based Recycling and Salvage Business Manual includes information about my experience in the following:

* Electronic, telecommunication and computer scrap metals and gold recover, and reuse

* Non ferrous metals recycling

* Ferrous metal recycling

* Recovering precious metals

* Salvage and recycling for alternative energy

* Building deconstruction and material reuse

* Construction equipment salvage and reuse

* Idustrial equipment salvage and reuse

* Farm and rural

* Commons sense decision making

* Bootstrapping your home-based business

* Learning from my successes and mistakes

* Good business in bad times

* Promotion and marketing

* How to be paid for your work before you ever start.

* How to get the equipment and tools you need.

* How to stay solvent and operate on a cash basis

* Use and misuse of internet cyber tools

The manual is in its final draft and I expect to have it edited and ready for download by July 25th.

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