Friday, December 23, 2011

Electronic and Computer Salvage and Recycling: Building a Knowledgebase

Normally, it seems, this time of the year slows down business-wise, but not so this year. I have an ongoing ad on Craigslist - "Free pickup of used computers, electronics...." Got a call this monday and I'm still hauling the computers in. Two pickup truck and trailer loads a day. These came from a fellow who has collected them over the years hoping to start various computer literacy classes for kids. The deals never worked out so he's finally ready to let go of it all - a small warehouse full.

He was quite happy to have it hauled away for free. I never advertise that I'll buy such and such because I've found that it's not worth the time dealing with someone who thinks their broken 3 year old computer or laptop is still worth quite a bit of money.

In the case of this weeks "big" score, the fellow does have a few things that he'd like to get some cash for. I'm in the position to get all the rest for free and negotiate on the few items he wants to be paid for. I ended up paying $12 for a bunch of wireless goodies and another $20 for a large container full of very old circuit boards. Even if I don't do well on the purchases (but I will), I've retained the good will of my new client. My business RUNS on GOOD WILL and referrals.

Since it has been awhile since I've had this large of a quantity of desktop computers (around 300 total) plus some laptops, commercial servers and even a couple of very old IBM mini computers, I'm going to be doing more research on the latest and best ways to deal with them. As I do, I'll be posting what I find here. I'm hoping that you all too will add to my story by commenting so that we can together build a knowledgebase.

I'll be updating my list of reputable refiners. I'll also be updating my list of collectible and valuable chips, chipsets, back planes, computers and other components that I won't scrap - some are worth WAY more than scrap.

I'd also like to hear from you so that we can build this as a resource by the group for the group. I'd love to hear your stories and adventures in electronics and computer salvage and recycling. Please email me with your stories and questions. Or, even better, post them here as a comment to this post.

Thanks and Happy Salvaging in 2012

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Many states have already made it illegal to put e-trash in landfills.Unwanted computers and similar equipment are rapidly clogging our landfills and pose an environmental hazard.

According to an EPA report in 2009, Americans generated 3 million metric tonnes of unwanted electronics, only 17.7% of that was recycled. The rest was incinerated or put in landfills.

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