Thursday, February 28, 2013

Free Scrap Metal, Working Wood Stoves & Parts, Lumber & Firewood

Hello - This may be a no-brainer for some, but I thought I'd mention it - sometimes the obvious becomes obliterated somehow ;)

I go to town about every 10 days for groceries and supplies. I always stop by the local woodstove dealer. They're very happy to have me come by and clear out the "debris" from their new woodstove intallations.

Almost every time I stop I can fill my truck cab high with good pallets for storing, sorting and shipping scrap; lumber from crates for building things and firewood; lots of light and heavy iron and other metals; and working woodstoves. Here are a couple that I've found recently - look pretty good after cleaning up a bit.

Also noticed a woodstove laying on its back in a yard with weeds growing out of it. I took a closer look and realized it was about a 10 year old Lopi woodstove. New they're about $1,900. So I went to the front door and asked about the woodstove. Person who answered said a friend dropped it off thinking she'd want to heat with wood. She didn't so there it sat. It was too heavy for her to lift. She was VERY happy to have me haul it away.

It cost $10 for a new door seal and $5 for some paint. Glass in door, hinges, legs and all were solid. This is the second winter that it has been heating my home. If I sold it, I could get around $800 for it. The woodstove in the first photo I have listed on Craigslist for $185. The second one, the Schrader, just sold to a rancher for $375.

Give it a try! You'll never know unless you ask :)


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