Thursday, May 24, 2012

Focus on WAYS of Doing Business and Making Money

You'll find here and at Recycling Secrets that I concentrate on ways of doing business rather than a specific game plan. I do this because, in my mind, to concentrate on a game plan is really a distraction. Some would like me to tell them to:
  • Go to this location,
  • Pickup these items
  • Do this and that to the items
  • Take them here to get your money

But this just isn't realistic. There is no one game plan. Most opportunities are location based - what works in Newark may not work in Birmingham. Interests and expertise vary. Physical abilities vary... on and on.

There are some things that are common to all of us in the salvage and recycling business and these are the ways we do business. By this I mean:
  • How do we market ourselves?
  • How do others perceive us?
  • Do we do more than is expected?
  • How do we get more business and referrals?
  • How do we bootstrap and grow our business?

Here are excerpts of a recent email from Mike Bucchieri, a previous buyer of How to Make Money in the Home Based Salvage and Recycling Business. Mike says that my eBook and my blog and website articles helped to create a "scrapping monster."

Mike is from Parsippany, N.J. and focuses handyman work, estate clean outs and junk removal, demolition, and  metal recycling. Mike has become quite successful. He depends on his website, and word-of-mouth referrals to grow his business. Mike has given me permission to post excerpts so that others might be encouraged and inspired by his success.

Here are the excerpts:
hello  Mike,  long time no e-mails, lol. This is mike from New Jersey,  I wrote you an e-mail last year about my scrapping business and how you created a scrapping monster.

Ive been keeping busy since the spring and summer arrived, business had really picked up, between giving out estimates for jobs, and all the scrapping im doing.

Like you said about the reputation from word of mouth.  It's amazing how much attention I get from people who need work done. Usually after i finish a job, I like to find out how they found me. its mostly  the search engines and my web site, or a big word of mouth from previous customers or friends. And the praise they told them about my work, and I'm like WOW !!,  its very flattering to hear that.

I had new customers tell me, "I heard bout your services from (blank) and he told me all about your work and the amazing job you did." Then they would tell me,  "i dont care bout the price - what it costs.   I want you to do my job and only you,   I'm not ever going to get other estimates!!!"    Now when I hear that,  I'm floored!!!   That puts me on cloud nine, and I'm sooo happy that I can help my customers and make them happy - no stress, no bull shit.

And i can pass that onto their friends or family. It's like the old days,  when  the company put 110% into their product, and their services  and service was # 1 priority!!

I love my work and my business and I'll go down tooth and nail fighting for it. I'm dedicated and have heart!

And that makes me proud to be an AMERICAN!!!!

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR GREAT ARTICLES! Keep up the great work my friend       
         M.K.B. Estate cleanouts and junk removal
         Michael K Bucchieri
         Parsippany , N.J.

You can see that Mike is very proud of the business he has built up over the past year. It's very gratifying for me to know that I've helped someone to this extent. If you have any interest in the business at all, I encourage you to check out the resources at Recycling Secrets and other articles here on the blog.

Best of Luck


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