Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fire Truck Fun and Profit

Hi- Just ran into this deal and had to tell you about it. I just purchased a running fire truck for $1000. I bought it for fire protection at my place. We're very rural and though we keep our property fire safe, adjoining properties pose a risk for us.

I'd hate to see a beauty like this go to scrap, but there is a great deal of scrap metal both ferrous and non-ferrous and a lot of sought after parts as well.

The basis for this fire truck is a 1969 International Fleetstar 2110 - a very heavy duty truck. Total weight of truck would bring way more than the purchase price just in scrap iron. It also comes with literally hundreds of pounds of brass pipes, pump bodies, fittings, etc.

Parts are valuable too. I just checked ebay and found a single rear axle used for over $200
Here are a couple of pix:

By the way, this is another example of how referrals work. A friend of someone I had gotten some used lumber from, told him about the fire truck and it got back to me. It wasn't for sale yet - been out of service for a couple of months and they hadn't gotten around to it. Word-of-mouth accounts for 99% of my business. I rarely find things by lurking around craigslist, going to yard sales, going to auctions and the like. It pays to have a good reputation and give everyone you deal with more than they expect.
Just one of many ways to make money in salvage and recycling.
Good Luck

More About the Value of Word-of-Mouth Referrals

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