Monday, January 9, 2012

Older Computer CPUs Worth Much More than Gold Content

Found an interesting article about the value of older CPUs. Here's an excerpt:

"For those individuals ready to set off on a treasure hunt for rare and valuable microprocessors here’s a quick list,” said Gallagher. “C4004, C4040, 8080, C8080, MC8080, G8008, X8008, C8085 and C8086, all these go for at least $100 and some of them will go for over $1,000. Generally speaking anything from Intel with a date code from the 1970s is worth more than its gold value. Gold value for most ceramic computer chips is around $2 to $4."

Entire article is here:§ion=0&article=75682&d=5&m=1&y=20066

Dated 2006 so gold value a bit off. Hope this is useful. for Free Home Based Salvage and Recycling Information Including: Metals, Deconstruction and Used Building Materials, Gold and Precious Metals and E-Waste.

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