Saturday, January 7, 2012

Old Computer Chips, CPU and Computer Values - Alternative to Scrapping E-Waste

I advocate selling scrap metals and e-scrap as the last option after reuse and collector alternatives are checked out. If you are into e-scrap, computer recycling, these may be of interest to you.

Here's a wanted list of various old chips/cpus with some descriptions
CPU World Wanted Chips

A resource for computer chip collectors:
Resources for Chip Collectors

There's a list of old computer collector values at
Values of Old and Collectible Computers

Good Luck! And Happy Hunting.

Mike for Free Home Based Salvage and Recycling Information Including: Metals, Deconstruction and Used Building Materials, Gold and Precious Metals and E-Waste.

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Megan said...

Many states have already made it illegal to put e-trash in landfills.Unwanted computers and similar equipment are rapidly clogging our landfills and pose an environmental hazard.

According to an EPA report in 2009, Americans generated 3 million metric tonnes of unwanted electronics, only 17.7% of that was recycled. The rest was incinerated or put in landfills.

Other EPA e-waste statistics estimate that 68% of people are storing their ewaste in their homes.

Bluegrass E-Cycle provides computer and electronics recycling Louisville KY, Cincinnati OH, Charleston WV, and surrounding states. We also provide secure hard drive destruction on or off site for our clients.

We work with only a handful of domestic processors to ensure they have a combination of good track records as well as industry or state certifications.

Scott said...

To reduce electronic waste and the negative impact it has on our environment support the calgary computer recycling

Unknown said...

About recycling
According to research, computers became outdated anytime from one to five years. Once the computers are outdated, consumers struggle with ways to properly dispose them. One of the best ways to dispose the computers is by recycling them. Reasons for recycling
Computer recycling plays a crucial role in protecting the environment. Since recycling ensures that the electronics are properly disposed, this aids in ensuring that the environment is protected from contamination. The other importance of recycling is that it protects you. For example if you own a computer that has hazardous chemicals such as dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyl, cadmium, radioactive isotopes, mercury and chromium, you can be injured if the chemical leaks while the computer is still in your house. Through recycling, the computer is removed from your house long before the chemical can start leaking thus you are protected from injuries.
Calgary computer recycling

Unknown said...

I found this to be super helpful! What do you recommend when taking a whole pile of hardware to the computer recycling facility?

Mike Meuser said...

Hi Celine - Glad it was of help. I break down computers into CPUs, motherboards, daughter boards, and memory. I don't have a computer recycling facility nearby so I send my material to I've sent small amounts of less than 100 pounds and a pallet full of boards from slot machines that weighed over 700 pounds. They pay the shipping so there's no money upfront and they pay fast. Best deal I've found around so far and they'll help you with the sorting questions

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