Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pallet Load of E-Waste to Cashforcomputerscrap

Hi - Well, after my terrible experience with ECS Refining, a wasted day and 400 miles of driving for nothing, I palletized my load of mid to high grade circuit boards and sent them off to Cashforcomputerscrap. Once I hear back about the value of the pallet, I'll fill you in on what was promised and what went wrong at ECS Refining. I've dealt with Cashforcomputerscrap once before and it was a perfect deal. I sent CPUs and memory and I was paid about 15% MORE than I expected. There was no out of pocket expense as they arranged shipping and then deducted the cost from my settlement. I had a check in my hand in California in less than 10 days after sending my shipment to their facility in Mentor, Ohio. Such a deal!


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