Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Old Automobile Reuse - Farm Equipment, Condom Machines

Very interesting article about a fellow who makes all sorts of things out of old car parts. It makes you hink of all the interesting and useful parts in automobiles that are scrapped in the U.S. Here's an excerpt:

Sierra Leone's Foday Melvin Kamara trained as an automobile engineer but, instead of manufacturing vehicles, he specialises in turning old car parts into agro-processing equipment and condom machines.

He started his business in 1997 with an investment of less than $100 (£63) which he had saved while he was in Germany as a student.

He told the BBC's African Dream series that he used part of that money to rent a house and the rest to buy steel products which were transformed into shovels and door hinges.

Indeed, we are able to convert waste to wealth”

"Then we sold that and we ploughed a profit into the business," he said. That initial profit was used to acquire scrap materials.

"Indeed, we are able to convert waste to wealth," Mr Kamara pointed out.

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