Tuesday, January 4, 2011

About Cutting Torches, Scrap Autos and Farm Equipment

From a recent ebook purchaser and member:

Dear Mike

Thanks for the insightful manual, its really helpful.

I in a process of starting a scrap metal business. I want to start by salvaging metal from old cars, farm machinery/equipment and other smaller things. My worry is that my truck is small so I will need to cut scrap metal into manageable pieces that will fit into the truck and transport it to recycling centres.

I would like to know what cutting tools I may need? I know there are heavy duty and light duty cutting torches. What should I be careful of or look out for when I buy these? I want to start buying used ones, I've seen people are selling them online here.

I will appreciate your advice.



South Africa

My reply:

Hi - Thanks for the compliments. As to cutting equipment, a small torch works best for me. You don't need to use acetylene - too expensive and don't need the heat. Most any used cutting torch will do - oxygen and propane works just fine. Best to buy one that you can try out first. If you have a welding supply nearby, they may have used ones. Doesn't have to be a very large one at all. Also, individuals often resell cutting torches. Something they thought they would use but never used very much.

As you scrap these items keep an eye out for what might be reuseable and sellable at much higher than scrap prices. Farm machinery parts especially should demand a price quite a bit better than scrap. Also, any farm irrigation equipment - valves, irrigation pipe, pumps and parts - can be quite valuable in any condition.

For large items, you may be able to enlist the help of a short time partner with a larger truck. When I scrapped a bulldozer and tractor, my truck was just barely large enough but I had to hire a crane to lift parts onto the bed. If I had gone to a commercial crane operator the price would have been too much, but I found a local logger who had a crane on his log truck. Ended up trading him small dozer parts for the crane work. Another source of small cranes is the fellows who deliver roofing trusses.

Good luck and keep me posted

Home Based Salvage and Recycling Business Manual


Anonymous said...

Visit WELDING forums and learn how to operate and inspect your torch outfit. Wear proper protective gear. If in doubt ASK questions. Weldingweb is a good place to visit.
SECURE your cylinders for transport. Have a water hose and extinguisher handy, Cars burn nicely as they are full of plastic.
Get a good cordless Sawzall, blades, and cheap spray lube for cutting sheet metal.
If you are dragging cars, you'd really need a trailer eventually. A hand winch will load them. I use a cast iron Wyeth-Scott. They haven't changed in decades.
TIE DOWN your load so you don't kill someone's kid.
Play safe, make a few bucks.

Farm Equipments Manufacturer said...

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