Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recycling and Salvage Opportunities Increase as Economy Continues to Worsen

Recently I went to my favorite recycling yard to sell and give away some of my household recycleables. I was amazed to find that, due to budget tightening, the city was no longer helping to fund the center and they now had to charge $5 for each vehicle coming in. Thats a big DISincentive for recycling.

But... It increases your market if you are into recycleables. Folks no longer wishing to pay the $5 may be very interested in your picking them up for free. $5 won't seem like much to you if you are able to collect a large load from folks in your locale.

Also, while at the recycling center recently, I was in line next to a guy who was about to pay $9 to recycle his computer. I looked at it and told him that I'd take it for free. Turns out it was only a year old and terribly fragmented and full of viruses. It took me about 2 hours to clean it up and it works great - a one year old HP with all the bells and whistles.

Just think about how many folks in your town have computers that they'd like to get rid of. If your town is like mine, the line extends for miles when the center offers a free electronics drop off.

Why not save these folks a trip and others a fee and offer to pickup these computers from them. You can keep what you want and take a load of what you don't want to your center on a free day.

One last thing. I've noticed a couple of signs saying "free electronics recycling day cancelled." I'm betting that this too is because of the bad economy. So... it may be harder at the moment to get rid of what you don't want, but easier to get quality computers for reuse, recycling or salvage.

Good Luck

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